Another Day Begins.

So today has been a pretty boring day actually. Woke up this morning for a doctors appointment, everything went fine with it. The only downside to it was I had to get off of the phone with Erik an hour early. 😦 My poor baby he’s still sick. I hope he feels better soon! I also got my replacement phone today. I had ordered an LG Ally off of a company through Ebay at the beginning of the month and within two days the touchscreen just stopped working. So since the phone was under a 30 day warranty I sent it back and just got my replacement. Everything with it so far has gone good except it doesn’t like to charge. I think something is broken with either the charger or the charge port on the phone because I have to plug it in while I have it already sat down and let go very slowly and if I move it, it will stop charging and I have to take the charger out and start over. Also it won’t charge sitting on my nightstand, I have to sit it on my pillow and if the charge does hold when I try to move it, it messes up the touch screen. I’m peeved that there’s already something wrong with this one but this is more tolerable than the touch screen not working at all. For now anyways.

So I had a small breakfast and lunch and a small dinner and a snack of some cookies. I shouldn’t eat them but as long as I don’t go over my daily calorie intake I think it’s fine. I did something today that I’m proud of, has to do with my mother and me putting my foot down. Erik will be proud too. That’s all I’ll say about that (just some personal home issues). Then I played some games on the computer for a bit and texted Shana. I texted her for a bit then I took a little nap, then I woke got some water and have been playing games on the computer and trying to get the phone charge. I was successful thankfully. It’s now fully charged and I’m just waiting for my love to call me. Should be any minute now. 🙂 So that’s pretty much my day. Nothing exciting. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more exciting day. Haha. Well that’s all for now. My last piece of advice for the day is, for those fellow long distance relationship readers and that advice would be :  Always call your love to say goodnight. No matter the time difference, I find I can’t sleep without the goodnights, and if you have trouble sleeping it might help you too. That and it just makes you feel wonderful to say goodnight to each other. So just don’t skip out on them, they are an intimate moment whether you realize it or not and they do make things better and bring you closer. I would be lost without my goodnights to Erik every night. It’s just not the same. So do it! 🙂 Alright folks, that’s all for now so, goodnight world. 


3 thoughts on “Another Day Begins.

  1. Sorry your day was so boring hun, I didn’t want it to be. Tomorrow will be better at least you have the gym to go to. I wish I could be more help and inspiration to you as opposed to me just taking all of your experiences to learn from. I want to someday be able to repay you for all of the good you’ve done for me.

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