The Wonders And History Of Me.

Well, My name is Crystal and I’m originally from Ohio but currently live in Michigan. I’m not your typical 21 year old woman. I am too wise for my age and had to grow up way too fast due to home problems. I’m a very fun loving, outgoing, positive person and I enjoy my life all thanks to my wonderful husband Erik. He is my soul mate. My one and only true love. My everything. He completes me. Him and I had been in a long distance relationship for 3 years with me staying with him in Canada for a total of 5 months. He is finally here now. It’s been since August and April is our 4 year anniversary before marriage so it’s working out wonderfully. On September 21 of 2013 it will be our 1 year wedding anniversary. 🙂 It was hard work getting him here though. But oh so worth it.  I know some people may think I’m too young to be married, but I feel like I’m 25 years old in a 21 year old body. I have started my life with him, we are married and we are figuring out what we want to do for careers and we already have a dream house picked out. A lot of people don’t understand how him and I did it and how we are still dealing with all the paperwork, but when you love someone with your entire heart and soul, anything is possible. So this blog is going to be aimed at just talking about how I feel and the day I’ve had and also to give some tips to help anyone who is in a long distance relationship. Tips to help them through the rough parts and to realize you CAN make it if you try. It’s hard work but it pays off. As well as some tips on how to stay positive. 

Some activities I enjoy would be:

  • Singing. I love love love to sing.
  • Talking, being goofy, playing games, watching tv, or just cuddling with my hubby. 🙂
  • Listening to music. Music is amazing to me. It is a great stress relief.
  • Reading. Reading has always been a passion of mine, didn’t have much time to do it before but I’m going to take it up again.
  • GAMING! I love gaming. Card games, board games, computer games (solo computer gaming, RPGS, and MMOS), and console/video games     ( video games are my ABSOLUTE favourite.) Love them so much! 
  • Writing. I have always loved writing but haven’t done much  for quite some time. I plan to eventually start up again though.
  • Browsing the internet. It’s just fun and passes time. 🙂
  • MOVIES & TV SHOWS! I love them oh so much. Great way to spend time cuddled up with your love. 🙂
  • Anything to do with makeup! I LOVE makeup and I want to be a makeup artist. 

I’m going to be trying to start my diet again and be healthy. Wish me luck!  I’m a very fun person, I’m very lovable, very happy, and outgoing. Everyone seems to like me and get along with me greatly, animal and babies included. : ) I may not have very many friends but the ones I do have are like family to me and I love them dearly. I have one particular friend who is the best friend I could ever ask for aside from Erik. Her name is Megan and she is my platonic soul mate. Haha. I love her so much. I would do anything for her. Almost 8 years of friendship going strong!  But most importantly, I just spend my days embracing life and so thankful I have Erik next to me every night.  He is my life. My one and only and I love him so much.  I think people can sometimes take for granted the simple act of just sleeping in the same bed. But I don’t. Bedtime is such a cherished moment for be because I no longer hear the dial tone of our goodnight phone call. I hear his breathing. His heartbeat. I feel his arms. That is one of the best feelings in the world. He has made me the happiest and luckiest woman alive and he is mine and I am his forever. We have finally started our life together as a married couple. I love it. He is my heart. ❤ 


7 thoughts on “The Wonders And History Of Me.

  1. Your blog is going to be an inspiration to anyone who wants to be in a long distance relationship, or to anyone who thinks they might need help with theirs. I wish you all the best in the world :).

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