So We Finish Off This Day Slightly More Eventful.

Hello everyone! So I woke up this morning in a slightly bad mood, not to sure why but of course my honey bunches fixed it for me and made me happy. 🙂 I had a nice breakfast and a nice lunch too. I’m unfortunately all out of my delicious bread though! So no sandwiches or toast tomorrow. Erik got to stay on the phone an extra half hour today with me before leaving for work. Made me a very happy woman. 🙂 Then off to the gym I went. Had another appointment with the personal trainer. Had to ask him to take something out of my routine for now until my back is better adjusted (I have pretty bad back problems) so he took an exercise out and replaced it with something to help loosen the muscles in my back.  So pretty happy about that. The workout was still difficult but I know the more I do it the easier it will get for me. Just have to give my body time to adjust is all. Then I came home took a nice warm shower and made a delicious dinner for myself, wrote down in my food journal, and took a nice nap. Boy did I need that nap too. Haha. So now I’m awake, have been for over a half hour and after I’m done writing this blog I’m going to email my love telling him I miss him and can’t wait for him to get home (which is in an hour), then I’m going to do some reading to pass the time.  I think reading a little bit then talking to my love for a few hours and then saying goodnight and going to be as he does is a wonderful way to end the night. 🙂 So that’s pretty much the gist of my day. Pretty uneventful but not boring like yesterday so I’m happy. 

So as a conclusion to my post tonight, I’m going to start giving daily advice about tips I use or things that I think are essential  in a long distance relationship. So my advice for tonight would be : There are going to be days when you are just really sad, really depressed, or really miss the person you love, and that’s ok. It’s natural. Just try to remember that you will overcome and conquer whatever it is that’s keeping you apart, whether it be needing a visa because they are in a different country, or one of you can’t travel for a few months or a year due to schooling or work, whatever the case may be, you will overcome it.  One day you will be together and even though it’s not  now like you want it to be, once you figure out what needs to be done to make finally living together possible, or if you have found out what it is, either way once you figure that out, time will go faster than you think. You just have to focus on the positive and not the negative, remember how much you love them and realize you can overcome anything. Then instead of dwelling on the fact that it might be 6 months, or 3 months, or a year away, just be happy that you’ll get to be with them sometime. But most importantly, don’t ever lose sight, don’t ever forget why you love the person, and always, ALWAYS, remember that it will all be worth it in the end. Especially once you’ve found you’re soul mate like I have. I’d wait forever for Erik if I had to, but he will be here before I know it and I take comfort in that fact. Well, there’s my advice for the night and I hope anyone who reads this takes it to heart. So until tomorrow, goodnight world. ❤


Another Day Begins.

So today has been a pretty boring day actually. Woke up this morning for a doctors appointment, everything went fine with it. The only downside to it was I had to get off of the phone with Erik an hour early. 😦 My poor baby he’s still sick. I hope he feels better soon! I also got my replacement phone today. I had ordered an LG Ally off of a company through Ebay at the beginning of the month and within two days the touchscreen just stopped working. So since the phone was under a 30 day warranty I sent it back and just got my replacement. Everything with it so far has gone good except it doesn’t like to charge. I think something is broken with either the charger or the charge port on the phone because I have to plug it in while I have it already sat down and let go very slowly and if I move it, it will stop charging and I have to take the charger out and start over. Also it won’t charge sitting on my nightstand, I have to sit it on my pillow and if the charge does hold when I try to move it, it messes up the touch screen. I’m peeved that there’s already something wrong with this one but this is more tolerable than the touch screen not working at all. For now anyways.

So I had a small breakfast and lunch and a small dinner and a snack of some cookies. I shouldn’t eat them but as long as I don’t go over my daily calorie intake I think it’s fine. I did something today that I’m proud of, has to do with my mother and me putting my foot down. Erik will be proud too. That’s all I’ll say about that (just some personal home issues). Then I played some games on the computer for a bit and texted Shana. I texted her for a bit then I took a little nap, then I woke got some water and have been playing games on the computer and trying to get the phone charge. I was successful thankfully. It’s now fully charged and I’m just waiting for my love to call me. Should be any minute now. 🙂 So that’s pretty much my day. Nothing exciting. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more exciting day. Haha. Well that’s all for now. My last piece of advice for the day is, for those fellow long distance relationship readers and that advice would be :  Always call your love to say goodnight. No matter the time difference, I find I can’t sleep without the goodnights, and if you have trouble sleeping it might help you too. That and it just makes you feel wonderful to say goodnight to each other. So just don’t skip out on them, they are an intimate moment whether you realize it or not and they do make things better and bring you closer. I would be lost without my goodnights to Erik every night. It’s just not the same. So do it! 🙂 Alright folks, that’s all for now so, goodnight world. 

So Were We Welcome Day Two.

So here we welcome day two. Well today started off decently, except for the fact that Erik is sick. It hurts SO very much, more than I could ever explain to know the person you love isn’t feeling well and you can’t take care of them. I want more than anything just to be there with him to baby him and take care of him and make him feel better. But all I have are my words of love and concern to make him feel better. Which he says works 🙂 which I know because it works that way for me, but it’s just not the same as being there with him. To make matters worse he still had to go into work today and do a grueling job, my poor baby. I feel so bad for him and I miss him so much. Thankfully he’ll be home soon though.  On the plus side, I had an awesome breakfast burrito with chipotle and monteray jack cheese chicken sausage, green pepper, red pepper, one egg, velveeta cheese, and a wheat tortilla. So good and everything was measured and calorie counted of course. But so worth it. So that’s the gist of my morning. 

Onto the afternoon. After Erik and I got off the phone so he could go to work, Shana and I went to the gym. I talked to my personal trainer for the first time and going to the gym just got a lot more difficult than treadmill machines and elipticals. I have quite a few things I have to do every time I go (which is 3 times a week) and I’m not very happy about it, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do to get healthy. The only thing I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing are planks, because they are grueling and I don’t like them one bit. But maybe once I get into better shape I will start doing them. Who knows though, I may still do them even though I say I won’t. Either way I’m going to do my best to follow the exercise regimen I’ve been given. Boy was I sore afterwards though. Haha but that’s what happens when you don’t work the muscles I’ve worked today. Shana was a trooper and did them with me. She’s great. 🙂 Then Shana and I drove to go see my dad so I could give him his (late) fathers day card. It’s like a 30 minute drive but it’s worth it to see him for a bit. Shana and I stayed and chatted with my dad and his wife from about 6:30 to 8:30 it was a nice time. Then we decided it was time to come home. I thought about Erik all day and wondered how he has been doing at work. I miss him so much.  But, on a plus to my afternoon Shana and I had some pretty emotional and just altogether nice talks during the ride there and back.  So there’s my afternoon into my night time. 

Onto my night time and arrival home. So just made it home sometime after 9:00 and chatted with my grandmother for a bit, and my mom but she was in one of her moods (will explain about my mom and what that means at another time). Then made Shana and I some delicious salads for dinner, consisting of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, she had baby spring salad mix and I had hearts of romaine, butter and garlic croutons, light ranch dressing, and mine had some more of that chipotle monteray jack cheese chicken sausage. So good!  Again all counted and measured. I have to eat one more time tonight before bed because I really haven’t eaten much today and Erik gets concerned if I don’t. So we ate and now here I am posting my blog, missing my love and wishing it was midnight (a little over an hour to go) and getting ready to go shower then write down the meals I’ve had so far in my food journal. So that’s pretty much been my night so far and once Erik gets home he’ll call me and we’ll talk for a couple of hours tonight then we’ll talk in the morning like always until about 4:00 pm my time. The best part of my day is always when I get to hear his voice. I love him so much. 🙂 But so there you have it,  the gist of my day all wrapped into one blog. It’s been a pretty good day though. I’m happy. 🙂 So now onto my shower and then getting to hear my baby’s voice! Yes! 

So to conclude my day, I just want to say to anyone living with their boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance/fiancee, or spouse, just please cherish the little things, even when they are sick because lets be honest, you wouldn’t know what to do without being able to take care of and baby your love  while they are whining and being sick no matter how much you say it annoys you. And to those of you in a long distance relationship, one day, if you stick it out, you’ll be able to have those little moments with your love right by your side and it’ll be all worth it. 🙂 Also in conclusion, I just want to thank my best friend and (non-blood) sister Shana, for everything she’s done for me,  for understanding the hardships of Erik and I’s relationship but still being able to see and appreciate how beautiful it truly is and for accepting and adoring the man that makes me happier than anyone. That my friend, means more to me than you’ll ever know.  I love you Pokey. 🙂 And I love you too Erik my baby. (he’ll be reading this later. haha 🙂 ) So ta-ta for now folks, will blog soon. Goodnight world. 

A Little About Me. :)

So, here’s a little bit about me and what this blog is going to be about.

Hi there! The name is Crystal! I am going to be 20 years old this year but I feel like I’m 25.  I had to grow up very fast because of things that have happened in my life. When I was younger and up until a little over 2 years ago I used to be a very depressed and unhappy person.  Then I met Erik. ❤ The love of my life and my soul mate. He changed my life in the best of ways and this April we celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  We’ve been engaged for 8 months and I can’t wait to have our wedding.  This man has made me a fun loving, passionate, happy, outgoing, positive person. I can never thank him enough for that. He’s my love, my soul mate, my best friend, my world, my life, and my absolute everything. He completes me and makes me whole. I have never been this happy in my entire life and I don’t just believe but I know for a fact him and I will conquer any hardships that come our way and we will be together forever.  Now, the point of this blog is going to be about some random everyday things for sure, because he has a second shift job while we’re on a 3 hour time difference (I’m 3 ahead) so it will give me something to do during the day until I start working and it’s also to just talk about the hardships of being in a long distance relationship but also the amazing benefits and how much stronger it has made our relationship. This blog is also for anyone who is new to a long distance relationship or is just having a hard time with it and would like someone to relate to, and to also get some advice. I’ve been told I’m a great advice giver and should be a therapist. Haha. 🙂 It’s also so I can help people to learn how to get a positive outlook on their long distance relationship and possibly help make things easier for them or maybe to show someone who’s iffy on long distance relationships or against them to understand them a little better. So for anyone who reads this, this will be about my everyday life, and about my wonderful, beautiful, amazing, long distance relationship that takes some hard work but is oh so worth it in the end, and also about my one and only true love Erik. So to all those who read this, enjoy! 🙂